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Tired of shaving, tweezing, and waxing to remove unwanted hair? Laser hair removal is
the preferred option.

What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal uses concentrated light beams, or lasers, to remove unwanted hair. This medical procedure uses the light energy from lasers to damage the hair follicles in areas you don’t want hair. The light energy is converted to heat, causing damage to the follicle. This damage delays or prevents future hair growth. Our Vectus laser effectively targets and gets rid of dark brown to black hair.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
In general, laser hair removal hurts much less than waxing. Laser hair removal is often compared to being snapped by a rubber band. The discomfort from laser hair removal also depends on your personal pain tolerance, the area of the body being treated, and the laser equipment being used. Your laser technician will help with the pain by adding ice to the area.

How many laser hair removal treatments do I need to remove hair?
On average, 7 treatments are needed for the best outcome, but you will start to see results after just the first time. With every hair removal treatment you will progressively see fewer and fewer hairs return.

How long is a break between laser hair removal treatments?
Breaks between procedures usually are 4 to 6 weeks for the face and six to eight weeks for the body. Breaks are simply based on the cycles of hair growth.

Should I shave before my laser hair removal appointment?
Yes. You should shave the day of your treatment. It will be easier for the laser to locate the hair follicle after shaving.

What happens after laser hair removal treatment?
After the treatment your skin will be slightly sensitive. Surrounding area swelling and erythema (or redness) are common immediately after the procedure. The irritation does not last long, and we recommend that you let it run its course so as to not dispel any heat from the hair follicle.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
The FDA has approved the Vectus™ laser for “permanent hair reduction.” Why can’t it remove every hair? The human body has around five million hairs on it (men have a few hundred thousand more than women), and each of those hairs can be in a different phase of the hair growth cycle. For laser energy to be effective, the hair needs to be in the anagen, or growth, cycle. This allows the energy to travel down into the active follicle and damage or destroy it.
But hair can also be in the catagen (transitional phase between growth and rest) or telogen (resting) phases.

In these phases, the body has already stopped providing nourishment to the hair, and is in the process of shedding the hair and then restarting a new hair. That’s why lasers don’t affect hair in the catagen or telogen phase. These hairs are already on the way out, so the energy can’t get down into the follicle. Every hair on the human body is independent, so there’s no telling what phases the individual hairs will be in across the target area. Now you can understand why multiple treatments are necessary to catch more and more hair in the growth phase. A second thing to consider is that hair follicles can sometimes rebuild themselves, especially with hormonal changes. And if a follicle is partially damaged, it may heal and begin to regrow hair. Add it all up and numerous studies have shown the degree of permanent hair reduction is from 75 to 90 percent.


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“I highly recommend this spa! I absolutely LOVE this team, Trisha has done my laser hair removal sessions 3 times and I already see a big difference. She is knowledgeable, sweet, and so helpful. My Botox is perrrfect, I express a lot in my forehead and was worried about my brows being heavy, Tara did an amazing job. Tara also did my lip filler for the first time, I am absolutely in love. She is warm, smart, and listened to every single one of my concerns. They all are so caring and great. I could go on and on and on. The front desk receptionists are amazing and energetic and know so much about the services they offer at their spa, MY FAVORITE MED SPA EVER!”

Chance Droege
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“Solar a really is the best in Anchorage. The front desk staff always greets you with a smile and I am loving all my treatments! I’ve done laser hair removal, cool sculpting, and a lash lift and tint but my favorite hands down is the laser hair removal. Trisha is amazing and always takes the time to explain all the treatments and tells you what you can expect for results. I highly recommend!!”

Sara Berberich
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“Very professional environment. Highly skilled staff. As a guy I was nervous but all was put it ease once we got started. Thanks everyone!”

Farrell Paul
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“Solara skin & laser center has a wonderful office and staff! They were so kind and helpful when I went in for cool sculpting. Trisha was very professional and so so nice! Highly recommend for whatever you are looking for when it comes to your skin and your body. Trisha answered all my questions with confidence and knowledge. She made my visit as comfortable as possible, I will definitely be visiting again!”

Lindsey Kitter
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“Very kind and professional staff who made me feel very comfortable & welcome. Not only that but I love my results I’ve never felt prettier. No disappointments here

Sunshine Joy