1. The Solara VIP Membership is any and all clients. There are no exclusions or qualifying criteria.
  2. There is no membership setup fee.
  3. The monthly membership fee varies by membership level and the included benefits are detailed within the enrollment paperwork and membership invoices.
  4. Solara VIP Memberships are available with a monthly or annual term. Monthly memberships require a minimum term of 3 months before credits can be redeemed and are renewed automatically each month unless membership is cancelled. Annual Term VIP Memberships are paid annually and membership credits can be redeemed immediately.
  5. VIP Members are eligible to redeem VIP Membership Botox Credit upon their third monthly payment or immediately if VIP Membership is paid annually. Members have 1 year from the payment that establishes eligibility to use any unused credits. For example, with a monthly VIP Membership, Botox Credits are earned after at least 3 Monthly membership payments have been processed, in this case VIP Members would have up to 12 months to redeem the Botox Credits beginning in the 4th month of membership.
  6. The monthly membership starts the day you sign up for your membership, and renews on that date each month.
  7. Membership pricing, promotions and offers are non-transferrable and are for the member’s use only.
  8. Membership discounts do not apply to training, modeling and flash sale specials.
  9. Monthly membership dues cannot be supplemented by any other promotional vendor programs such as Brilliant Distinctions, but if a member for example purchases Botox, they get the member rate, plus they can use their Brilliant Distinctions points.
  10. Any membership fee that is returned for insufficient funds, incorrect card number or card information is considered in arrears and due to Solara immediately. If a membership is considered in arrears, membership services and discounts will not be available for use until balance is paid up to and including the current month due.
  11. If a membership is past due for more than 10 days, reinstating the membership may be subject to a $50 reinstatement fee.
  12. A membership fee cannot be offset by any in store credit and must be paid by a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Cash.
  13. Prepayment of membership fees is available for a maximum of 1 year. Membership fee prepayment must be paid for a minimum of one full year, otherwise the monthly installment plan will be the only available payment method.
  14. Monthly membership fees are drafted on a 30 day rolling basis and are typically withdrawn on the same calendar day each month.
    Solara VIP Members agree to abide by Solara Policies
  15. VIP Members are eligible to redeem VIP Membership Botox Credit upon their third monthly payment or immediately if VIP Membership is paid annually.
  16. To cancel, please make an appointment at any Solara location. Cancellations can only be processed in person. Any outstanding or unused VIP Membership credits at cancellation will be forfeit and not redeemable.
  17. All sales are final. VIP Membership Fees are final and refunds for membership fees paid prior to cancellation are not eligible for refund. Refunds may be granted in special circumstances at the sole discretion of Solara LLC.
  18. Terms & Conditions subject to change without notice.