Thin lashes, sparse lashes, barely-there lashes-many women look in the mirror in the morning and find their lashes frustratingly invisible. While extensions and false lashes are definitely viable options, they also require a maintenance level that can be time-consuming and costly. The solution to the problem? The lash lift in Anchorage, Alaska.

What are Lash Lifts?

A lash lift is a procedure designed to curl your lashes from base to tip, allowing you to see the full length of your natural lash. It is best described as a “perm” for your lashes. A lash lift helps to alter your eyelash’s shape, so it curls up instead of down over your eye. The results essentially mimic those from an excellent mechanical eyelash curler, without all the work.

Is There Any Preparation Involved?

Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, lash lifts do not require any advanced preparation before your appointment. It is, however, important to avoid applying eye make-up on the day of your appointment.

What is Getting A Lash Lift Like?

Your treatment will begin with a thorough consultation to determine the type of lash style you want to achieve. Your technician will ask you questions such as whether you wear mascara every day and how you want your lashes to appear. The consultation process allows you to work with your technician to achieve a result customized to your desires. Based on your responses, your technician will determine the proper curl size for your eye shape. It is important to note; chemical compounds are used in the lash lift process close to the eye. To avoid the risk of injury to the eye, it is essential to have your lash lift performed by a professional technician trained to apply lifting and setting chemicals without harming your skin or vision. At Solara Skin and Laser Center in Anchorage, Alaska, our technicians are highly trained, skilled professionals who want to help you achieve your beauty goals.

The lash lift process comprises five steps beginning with a thorough cleansing of your eye area. Your technician will also separate your bottom lashes from your top lash. To ensure your bottom lash does not get stuck to the adhesive applied to your top lashes, a silicone shield is applied to your lower eye using a gentle adhesive that is easily removed after the lift is complete.

The curling process takes place through the use of a small rod placed on the top lid. Once your technician is sure your lashes are correctly in place, your natural lashes are curled over the rod and attached with the same adhesive used on the bottom lid. This helps to set the lashes and ensure they do not move during the lifting process.

A lifting lotion is now applied. The solution is similar to a “perm” lotion composed of organic acids. The solution helps to break down and soften the bond of the hair making it more moldable. The lifting lotion is left on the lashes for approximately six to twelve minutes. The duration of time will depend on the ease in which your hair curls. If your natural hair on your head has difficulty taking or holding a curl, be sure to pass this information on to your technician as these difficulties can also translate to your lashes.

Once your lashes achieve the proper curl, a setting lotion is applied. The setting solution hardens the softened lashes and restructures the bonds broken down by the lifting chemicals. Finally, a nourishing moisturizer is applied to your lashes to help add moisture back into your hair.

How Long Does the Lash Lift Process Take?

The entire process from start to finish typically takes between forty-five and sixty minutes. It is also important to note that many salons require a patch test to be conducted at least forty-eight hours before your appointment. A patch test used to ensure you don’t react to the solutions used during the lash lift process.

How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

The results from a professional lash lift typically last between six and eight weeks. The longevity of results depends on how fast your eyelashes grow. Other natural factors that impact how long your lift lasts include the extent to which your eyelashes shed.

Precautions During the First Twenty-Four Hours

During the first twenty-four hours after your treatment, it is essential to treat your newly lifted lashes with care. Mascara should be avoided for at least twenty-four hours (forty-eight hours is often suggested). It is also important to avoid getting your lashes wet, exposing them to steam (or other forms of moisture), and wearing make-up. This will help ensure the curl sets correctly and lasts as long as possible. Once your lashes are set, mascara and eye make-up are perfectly ok to use.

To help keep your lashes at their healthiest between treatments, conditioning treatments are suggested. Products such as lash oil, coconut oil, or face oil will help keep them nourished and avoid breakage.

Will Lash Lifts Work on Any Lash Color or Length?

A lash lift will work on long or short lashes; however, lashes must be at least 4mm long for the procedure to be successful. If you frequently wear mascara, you can also ask your technician about lash tinting. This is an add-on process that can be completed during your lash lift. It darkens your natural lashes, reducing the need for mascara every day.

Are Lash Lifts Safe?

As with many procedures, there are certain potential risks and side effects to consider when having a lash lift. First, the ingredients used during the lifting process may be uncomfortable for sensitive eyes. Also, some people with sensitive skin may find the glue used to secure the silicone pads or other chemicals irritating to their skin. For this reason, the patch test, as mentioned above, is highly recommended. Finally, should the chemicals used during the lift get into your eyes, they could be highly irritating.

Safety should be your number one concern when deciding where to have your lash lift done. Finding a trained professional who is certified is a must. Depending on your state, licensing, in addition to certification, is required to perform a lash lift procedure.

If mascara and your trusty eyelash curler don’t seem as effective anymore or you are looking for more dramatic, noticeable eyelashes, consider a lash lift at the premier skin and laser center in Anchorage. Schedule your appointment at Solara Skin and Laser Center today!